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Meet Our Board of Directors

Patricia Gray


jeri kinnear.jpg
Jeri Kinnear

Vice President

angela brown.jpg
Angela Brown


LuLu Benavidez
sheridan lorenz.jpg
douglas matthews.jpg
jeff temple.jpg
Sheridan Lorenz
Douglas Matthews
Jeff Temple

About GSCA

GSCA was founded on the idea that data-driven, dedicated, and coordinated efforts across multiple sectors of a community can transform education to meet the needs of all children. Our partners run the gamut from the education community, including institutions of higher education on the island, to faith-based organizations, social service organizations, governmental agencies, the public health district and health care providers.


We have collaborated successfully to strengthen opportunities for children from cradle to career. Moving forward, we hope that GSCA will continue to be the catalyst for programs that stimulate greater academic success for our children as well as enhance opportunities for families to thrive.

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