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Higher Ed and Workforce

Two postsecondary institutions call Galveston home: Texas A&M University – Galveston (TAMUG), a specialized 4-year institution boasting 1,952 students and Galveston College, home to 2,222 students.

The overall retention rate for students at Galveston College is 26%; for TAMUG it is 57%, comparable to state averages for such institutions.

Both universities offer significant outreach to GISD and charter schools on the island in the form of summer programs, 21st Century Grants, specialized science programs, teacher training, and technical assistance for STEM programs.

GISD and Galveston College are entering into a partnership to offer more dual credit courses to high school students as part of an ambitious plan to graduate all students with at least 12 hours of college credit and/or career certification, making them more ready for success in post secondary work and careers.

To further develop an “earn and learn” opportunities for students, GSCA lead the development of the GALVESTON CAREER CONNECT (GCC) program to provide over 1300 students with integrated academic and career-focused learning, work-based activities, individualized care and academic counseling, connected internship opportunities, and industry recognized credentials in a high-growth job. We purposefully designed the GCC to be robust in both academics and career preparation.

Participating students will graduate high school with:

  • A high school diploma;

  • At least 12 total semester hours of college credit—in most cases at least 24 total hours;

  • Real world experience through internships, job shadowing, and guest speaker series;

  • Career and academic advising tailored to a student’s individual development plan that integrates service learning and mentoring experiences; and

  • A recognized credential in a high-growth, high-demand job in IT, engineering, or health science.

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